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PMS Cure

Birth Control By Injection: The Story of Depo- Provera, by T. J. Vecchio, M.D., F.A.C.P.

This book, the only one available about this unique form of contraception, goes far beyond the literature provided by the manufacturer or the Food and Drug Administration, with which it is not entirely in accord.

The author is well-qualified to write on the subject, having organized international clinical trials with Depo-Provera over a 10 year period, as well as conducting such trials on his own. He wrote a number of scientific articles on the subject, including the lead article on "Long-Acting Injectable Contraceptives" for the 1976 issue of "Advances in Steroid Biochemistry and Pharmacology", as well as making numerous oral presentations on the subject to medical groups around the world.

This book is neither authorized, sponsored nor acknowledged by the manufacturer. It is written primarily for the lay public, but contains much information of interest to professionals as well.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Steroid Contraceptives
The Advent of the "Pill"-The Role of the Ovary-The Role of the Pituitary Gland-The Actions of Estrogens and Progestogens- Contraceptive Steroids Are Different from Other Steroids- Why Women Are the Targets for Contraception-The Control of the Pituitary by the Brain
Chapter 2: What Exactly is Depo-Provera?
What Makes Depo-Provera Last Three Months?-The Development of Depo- Provera
Chapter 3: Depo-Provera Goes Overseas
The Explosive Use of Depo-Provera in Northern Thailand-The South Africa Experience-Other Studies Around the World
Chapter 4: The Grady Hospital Experience
Chapter 5: Undesired Effects, Real and Not-So-Real
Loss of the Menstrual Cucle-Weight Gain-Blood Pressure- Thrombogenesis (Potential for Blood Clotting)-Effect on Estrogen Levels in the Body-"Knockout Blow to the Pituitary"-Effect on Adrenal Function-Miscellaneous Side Effects-Effects on Sugar (Glucose) Metabolism-Effect on Blood Cholesterol
Chapter 6: Cancer!
Breast Cancer-Animal Studies- Studies in Women-Cancer of the Cervix-Cancer of the Endometrium
Chapter 7: Regulatory Confusion and Rejection in the United States
Chapter 8:The Public Board of Inquiry (1979-84)
The Risk of Teratogenic Effects (Congenital Malformations)-Effects on Plasma Lipids (Blood Fats) and Bone-Approval of Depo-Provera for Special Groups of Women- The "Findings of Fact"- "Conclusions of Law"
Chapter 9: A Better Reception Abroad
Chronology of Availability in Other Countries-Initial Experience in West Germany and Holland-Rise and Fall of Depo-Provera Use in South Korea- Approval in New Zealand-Acceptance in South Africa-Struggle and Success in Great Britain-Acceptance and Experience in Sweden- Acceptance by International Family Planning Agencies
Chapter 10: Does Depo-Provera Harm the Fetus?
Chapter 11: Does Depo-Provera Cause Permanent Sterility?
Chapter 12: The Use of Depo-Provera Shortly After Delivery
Chapter 13: Other Schedules for Depo-Provera Use
A Six month Injection Interval-A Combination Injection for Monthly Use
Chapter 14: Choosing Between Depo-Provera and Other Contraceptive Methods
Depo-Provera Versus Oral Contraceptives, the IUD, Norplant, Barrier Methods and Sterilization-Candidates for Depo-Provera
Chapter 15: Whither Depo-Provera Now?

How to Order

Send your check for $5.95 to Contraceptive Publications, Box 1014, Bodega Bay, CA 94923, and the book will be sent to you immediately, postpaid.